Ep 77: 5 ways your Rising Sign influences your personal brand

If you’re a business owner who wants to amp up your personal brand – this episode is for you.

Understanding your astrological Rising Sign (also known as your Ascendant) can give you unique insights because it shows how you project yourself into the world.

This is super valuable if you’re trying to establish or enhance your personal brand in online business. 

In case you need a refresher = 

Your Rising Sign means the zodiac sign that was coming up on the Eastern horizon when you were born. 

It’s based on the time and place of your birth and it’s the most personal point in your chart.

It shows how you appear to others, the first impression you give, and your style. 

Your Rising Sign is like the cover of your book – it tells people a bit about you before they get to know you better. 

It also helps shape who you are, affecting your personality and the way you approach life and business.

In this podcast episode, I’ll walk you through five things to consider about your Rising Sign and how it influences your personal brand.

🎧 Listen now to find out:

🌄 Why it’s key to know the difference between your Rising vs your Sun sign in business.

🌄 How to work with your Rising sign to make your first impression more impactful.

🌄 How to leverage the natural style of your Rising Sign to enhance your connections with potential clients and business collaborators.

Want personalised guidance on working with your Rising Sign to amplify your personal brand? 

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Here’s what my client Amy had to say about her recent session with me:

“I felt truly seen. Everything you told me about my chart was self-affirming and allowed me to see myself in a whole new light. I then came away with grounded actions to implement all of these insights in my business. Our call unlocked the ‘fire’ within me – a part of me I knew was there, but I’d forgotten, and it helped me call that missing piece back home. It showed me just how much I’d been dimming my light through my message and marketing, and helped me remember my truth. Now I feel more confident and connected, and I’m rebuilding my business in alignment with my fullest expression.”


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