Ep 50: Business Astrology by the Elements – The WATER sign entrepreneur

It’s time for the final installment of the Business Astrology by the Elements Podcast Series. 🙌

If you’re a water sign – that’s Pisces ♓, Cancer ♋ or Scorpio ♏ – this one’s for you.

And thank you for hanging in there until the end! 

This is going to be juicy because what I love about the water sign entrepreneurs is that they’re EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED TO THEIR END GAME. 

These people are strategic powerhouses but also emotionally connected to their clients or customers as well as what they’re ultimately here to do.

OK, so let’s dive into WATER SIGN ENERGY…

🌊 Water sign entrepreneurs are in touch with emotions/feelings of themselves and others. 

🌊 They’re empathetic, intuitive, and responsive. This makes them excellent as coaches and marketers, and at customer service in general. 

🌊 Water signs are more ‘fluid’ than the other energy types. They can take on many forms because water has no form of its own. This means they’re more adaptable and they can literally go with the flow more easily than others.

⛈️ But they’re also highly sensitive and can reflect whoever they’re with.

Because it’s easy for water-type entrepreneurs to take on other people’s energy and emotions, they can feel more vulnerable or overwhelmed. This means they sometimes react in self-protective ways. 

🎧 Listen to this episode of the business astrology mini-series to find out how Water energy influences your business and marketing style.


When it comes to marketing, WATER signs are excellent at developing intuitive connections and content. 

Have a gut feeling your audience needs to hear something specific from you today? Go with it – you’re much more tuned in than you realise. 

You’re great at using your imagination and creativity to solve problems and tap into what’s really going on with your clients. 

Channel that into your communication and you’ll have posts, emails, and videos that your audience absolutely loves. 

During a launch or visibility push:

You need to protect your energy because you have access to incredible amounts of empathy. 

Protect yourself and your boundaries during promotions – or you’ll feel drained. 

Like the Earth signs – you might find it more difficult to be spontaneous and impromptu during a promotion. Make sure you feel organised and well-planned before you kick anything off. 

Prepare in advance and make sure you use that Water sign superpower of emotional connectivity in your sales copy. 

You feel strongly connected to who you’re helping and why, so keep that in mind when you’re putting yourself out there so it doesn’t feel so threatening. 

When it comes to your team:

[When I’m talking about your team, I’m not necessarily just talking about employees here. I’m talking about everyone who helps you in your business – from your virtual assistant to your coach or mentor. Think about the people you seek out for support and find out what their elemental signature is.] 

Adding Fire people to your Water energy can be a steamy but creative combination. If you want to create some really powerful content get some help from a Fire energy person. 

With your intuition and emotional connection and the Fire charisma and magnetism, you’ll be unstoppable (but maybe a bit emotionally explosive). 

Water and Earth can work really well together because the Earth gives form and structure to the Water and the Water softens the Earth. 

Air energy people can be great if you’re looking to build more connections and relationships or to improve the impact or reach of your communication. 

OK, that’s the WATER sign entrepreneur. 

I would love to hear what you’ve thought about this series and if it’s been helpful for you. 

Let’s continue the conversation over on Instagram and check out the previous episodes on the other elements if you haven’t already. 

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