Ep 52: What Venus Retrograde in Leo means for your business (all 12 signs) PLUS a celebration!

We’re well into Leo ♌ Season, and you know what that means…

  1. We’re trying to get our glow on and let our inner Lion or Lioness out. 🦁
  1. Venus Retrograde is in full swing… AND,
  1. The Cosmic Business Breakthrough podcast has officially been going strong for ONE whole year!

🎉 🎉 🥳 🥳 🥳 🎉 🎉

Of course, it’s apt that I launched this podcast in Leo Season in the first place, because Leo energy is all about self-expression, and being SEEN (and heard). 

So before we kick off this exploration of Venus through Leo and what that will mean for YOU, I want to say a huge thank you for listening to me for the past year. 🙏

The podcast has been such a joy to create because it lights up SO much of what I love about my work.

👉 Exploring what makes us all tick at a deeper level, having engaging and thought-provoking conversations with some amazing people, and creating something of value that I can share. 

Cosmic Business Breakthrough is also a finalist in the Podcast of the Year category at the national AusMumpreneur Awards this year, which is SUPER exciting. 

But whether we win the award or not, I’m so proud of what we’ve created – especially because it regularly gets me out of my comfort zone. 

I have loved getting your feedback on the episodes, so please keep it coming and share this podcast with your business besties.

I truly believe working with astrology can have such powerful impacts for all of us in business and I want to spread the word far and wide, so we can all get more self-awareness and FLOW in our entrepreneurial lives. 

OK, now let’s dive into what you really want to know:

How is Venus in Leo (and its retrograde) going to affect YOU over the next couple of months? 

Venus moved into the sign of Leo at the beginning of June, then at the end of July it started to track backwards in the sky (at least from our perspective on Earth) – this is also known as a retrograde.

Because of this retrograde, Venus will stay in Leo until October 8, 2023. 

This is a long time for Venus to be in ONE sign, so we’re going to be doing a lot of work in this area of life and business over the next couple of months.

Here are the dates you need to know:
  • Venus began its transit through Leo on June 5th, 2023.
  • On July 22nd, 2023, Venus turned retrograde (in the final couple of degrees of Leo).
  • Venus will continue its retrograde in Leo until September 3rd (at 12 Leo), when it stations and ends its retrograde, turning direct.
  • Venus will then start moving forward in Leo again, until October 8th, 2023, when it moves into Virgo.

What all this means:

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships and money.

This is the planet we look to for our values as well as where we find pleasure and joy.

Venus is in Leo is grand, warm and bold. 

This is generally a heart-centred, expressive, romantic, proud, and extravagant placement for Venus. 

When Venus is in Leo we might all feel the need for more attention, acknowledgement, validation, and adoration – but the retrograde might throw a bit of a spanner in the works there…

Venus in Leo is also often related to buying things that feel luxurious or extravagant in some way, so keep that in mind while this transit is underway. 👠👛

[Sidenote: If you’re a person with Venus in Leo it’s possible that you really like to spend your disposable income on luxury items and things that show their value like designer handbags, clothes and jewelery, or homewares, or on extravagant experiences. This is one of the ways you find joy or pleasure.]

If you’ve listened to a few of my other episodes or if you’ve attended one of my workshops, you’ll know that retrograde times often come with themes of re-do, re-calibration, and re-vision.

With this retrograde, I also think there’s a theme of REVIVAL because it’s happening in such a vital sign – the sign of the Sun itself.

There are some general cautions with Venus retrograde energy, like:
  • Don’t get a crazy new haircut because you’re feeling the vibe (it’s likely you’ll regret it later)
  • Don’t do a major branding overhaul of your website or social media presence (again, it might not be something you want to stick to)
  • Don’t get into a new business partnership (unless it’s someone you’ve known a LONG time)

The reason for this is Venus is not operating in her usual beautifying, connecting and outwardly expressive way at this time.

She’s asking us to really look inward at our core values and what we feel is beautiful and wonderful about OURSELVES first, without validation and external approval. 

So that means this is a good time for re-considering your business values and your branding.

It’s a time to reconsider business partnerships and collaborations to see if they are really feeling good and nourishing for you (or if you’re in it for the wrong reasons, like you’re just trying to make the other person happy or keep the peace/avoid conflict).

Venus doesn’t love conflict or disharmony, but during a retrograde, she’s going to show you where you feel that so you can recalibrate yourself.

And because Venus is in the sign of Leo – it’s really a time to consider and reflect on how you’re expressing yourself. 

How do you allow yourself to shine and how do you get centred in your OWN SELF WORTH?

This is really a time to tune into your heart energy or your heart chakra – and find out what makes you feel good about yourself. 💓

🎧 Listen to this episode to get the breakdown of how Venus in Leo will affect your business by your Rising Sign (you can also listen based on your Sun sign).

If you don’t know your rising sign and you want a bit of guidance on this and how to set up a free astrology chart, I have a YouTube video for you to watch here.

You’ll probably also want to know more about the Houses of your astrology chart, so check out Episode 10 for more insight into this as well. 

And thank you again for supporting this podcast!

If you love it, it would be incredible if you could leave a 5-star review for me on your podcast app of choice or just share it with your friends on Instagram or Facebook. 

I’m sending you all the love, from my heart to yours for Venus in Leo. 

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