Ep 51: Astrology and the vagus nerve – How to decrease stress and amplify success with Melanie Weller

What if astrology could help you clear aches, pains and stress in your body, while at the same time clearing your blocks to success?

That’s exactly the kind of work today’s podcast guest does. 

I’m bringing you a conversation with Melanie Weller, renowned physical therapist and vagus nerve expert – known as the “body whisperer”. 

Melanie helps high-performing people and business owners to clear pathways to transformation through their bodies.

For example, if you have a story of scarcity threaded throughout your life that’s manifesting as physical pain in your body, that same story could also be showing up as a lack of resources or money in your business. This is the kind of thing that Melanie can help you shift.

But the most exciting thing about Melanie’s work is how she incorporates astrology and her deep knowledge of the Zodiac signs – their symbolism and stories – to target specific issues (or vagus nerve ‘pinch points’) and actually get people back in alignment with the solar system. 

Because that’s when you can experience the most profound transformation.

Listen to Melanie explain how she works with astrology and the vagus nerve here:

Melanie’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. For 25 years, she worked as a physical therapist and athletic trainer – helping patients that no one else could figure out.

Her reputation as the “body whisperer” and vagus nerve expert grew. 

But then, life threw her a curveball. 

A health crisis, a marriage crisis, and a lawsuit crisis all hit her at once.

And it was during this tumultuous time that Melanie had a life-altering encounter with a patient, which led to the type of work she does now.

🎧 Listen to this episode to find out:

💫 The clear connections between the solar system and our bodies (spoiler: even the Earth’s tilt is reflected in our anatomy!)

💫 Which part of your astrology chart to focus on first to get yourself out of freeze or back into a flow state.

💫 Simple vagus nerve decompression techniques to resolve energy blocks and soothe freeze responses, so you can approach your business with confidence and authenticity.

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