Ep 7: Building a 7-figure business following your cosmic style with Jazze Jervis

Building a 7-figure online business is no easy feat.

And it’s even more challenging when you’re going through one of life’s most intense astrological transits. 

But that’s exactly what today’s podcast guest – Jazze Jervis – has achieved in the past couple of years and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to have her on the show.

Because when you’re aware of a major or heavy transit you can work WITH the energy instead of against it and experience greater satisfaction and success (instead of feeling completely overwhelmed). 

In this episode*, we explore Jazze’s business progression before and after her awareness of astrology and human design. 

Then we take a deep dive into what happened at her Saturn Return, one of the most impactful transits in our lives.

**I have to apologise for my sound quality on this episode. I had some technical issues with my mic at the time of recording.** 

But please don’t let that stop you from listening to this epic conversation because I guarantee you will learn something new and be inspired by Jazze’s powerhouse approach to business. 

More about Jazze:

Jazze Jervis is a corporate lawyer turned 7-figure business coach and network marketing mentor, top podcast host, ironwoman athlete, ex-competitive basketballer and THE hype girl for female entrepreneurs leaving their stories at the door and claiming their badass dream life.

It’s her mission to support high-achieving female entrepreneurs to lead with impact, value and strategy while creating generational wealth for their families. She believes we are here to play BIG, take up SPACE and not be confined by the boxes society can put us in.

She’s here to empower the hell out of more women so they can lead lives they not only desire but wholeheartedly deserve.

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