Ep 32: My favourite astrology tools and apps to understand yourself better

It’s time for a quick ep about the free and low-cost astrology tools you can start using right now to help you understand more about yourself and your business. 


Obviously, as someone who provides astrology and strategic advice services – I want you to come and see me… 😉🙌 

Because I think the best way for you to really go deep and get a profound understanding of yourself and what’s going on in your business is to see a professional astrologer, or see someone who specialises in business astrology.

Having said that, when you’re in the early phases of getting to know whether something is going to resonate with you, you might want to do your own research and get to know a bit more about astrology in your own time. 

So, if that’s where you’re at right now – I want to share a few tools that I’ve personally used to understand more about myself.

In this episode of Cosmic Business BreakthroughTM, you’ll find out:

  1. The #1 tool I recommend for setting up your own free birth chart (you can also watch my YouTube video explainer on this for more details). 
  1. My favourite astrology app of all time (at the moment) and why it’s so good. 
  1. How to get started tracking the phases of the Moon – yes, there’s an app for that too.
  1. A super simple (and pretty obvious) way to get some additional information if you’re stuck on something in your chart, like “What does it mean to have a Gemini Rising?”
  1. Additional things I recommend if you’re wanting to expand your astrology knowledge and/or take things deeper by linking it with your business planning.

🎧 Listen now and let me know what you’ve tried or what you’re looking to try soon!

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