Ep 31: Having your best year in business while navigating tricky transits

Let’s talk about what it’s like to have your best year in business while also navigating some pretty tricky astrology transits…

Today’s podcast guest is Bec Cuzzillo – a Spiritual Business Coach for spiritual women who want to build abundant, heart-led, sustainable businesses that truly set their souls on fire. 

In this juicy conversation, we dive into Bec’s story, her astrology chart, and how she’s managed to navigate this challenging time in her life while also transforming her business into the most exciting and supportive version so far.

In this episode you’ll find out:

  • How Bec became a spiritual business coach after working in the community sector and making Reiki-infused candles on the side (and how this work is reflected so beautifully in her astrology chart).
  • The BIG home/personal changes Bec has been navigating during her Saturn activation and the issues that she’s had to address in her business as well.
  • Her big tip for women in business who are seeking more growth in 2023 but also wanting to stay in alignment and FLOW.

This is such a great exploration of the phases we go through in our business journey and how to navigate those big cosmic lessons as they arise. 

🎧 Listen now and let us know what you think over on Instagram. 

Tag me @sophiapallas and @bec.cuzzillo with any ‘AHA’ moments. 

More about Bec:

Bec Cuzzillo is a Spiritual Business Coach for spiritual women who want to build abundant, heart-led, sustainable businesses – businesses that truly set their souls on fire. 

Through her group coaching and mastermind programs, Bec’s mission is to support women to claim their worth, master their mindset and step into the highest vision for their life and business. 

Her approach combining soulful business strategy with mindset, energetics and fully embodied feminine spirituality ensures you walk away with the tools and strategies to build a life and business that you love.

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Listen to Feminine Fire with Bec Cuzzillo

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