Ep 80: Navigating eclipse season for more courage and balance in business

It’s happening – we’ve entered eclipse season.

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year will be on March 25 in Libra, followed two weeks later by the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8/9.

Eclipses are powerful astrological events known for sudden endings or new beginnings. 

This is turning point energy. 

So what is the eclipse portal activating for you?

To help you understand and navigate this energy, I’m excited to welcome two of my favourite astrologers to the podcast.

I’m speaking with Rhianna Jade and Kristy Gray about the upcoming eclipses in Libra and Aries and how you can move with this energy instead of feeling overwhelmed. 

🎧 Tune into this eclipse season panel to find out:

🌘 What the upcoming eclipses in Libra and Aries mean for business and entrepreneurship and what we’ve noticed playing out so far.

🌘 How this eclipse season will have us dealing with our clients and collaborators, and potentially taking action like we never have before. 

🌘 Practical strategies or ways we can ride the eclipse waves rather than feeling like we’re being put through a washing machine spin cycle! 

I’m so glad I asked Kristy and Rhianna for their thoughts on this energy because it’s powerful to get another perspective. 

And they have some absolute GOLD to share with us about eclipse season and business in this episode. 

Listen now, or watch our chat on my YouTube channel. 👇

YouTube video

A little behind the scenes We had a technical hiccup with some of Kristy’s audio and video so we had to do some creative editing (and it’s not even Mercury Retrograde yet!). 

If you’d like to share your thoughts and any aha moments, please comment on the video on YouTube or tag me @sophiapallas on Instagram. 

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to manage your energy this eclipse season.

And, if you want practical support to help you reconnect with your purpose, realign your positioning and run promotions that honour your energy in 2024 –> book a call with me here.


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