Ep 19: Strategise your next bold business move with guidance from the stars

It’s that time of year again…

Sagittarius season is about to start and that means Christmas parties, end-of-year school concerts, last-minute hair/laser/nail appointments, and shopping centre carpark chaos. 😱😱😱

As Sagittarius is one of the signs ruled by Jupiter – the planet of expansion, joy and excess – it’s not surprising that we can feel a little “joyfully overwhelmed”. 

We feel like ALL the things are happening, all at once, and maybe we’ve overcommitted a bit? 

Then, there’s the business side of things…

👉 The end-of-year offers 

👉 Wrapping up client projects or course delivery

And the big one… 

👉 Planning for next year.

Because let’s face it – we ALL want 2023 to be a better year. 🤞🤞

So how do you strategically plan for next year, when there’s still so much going on? 

Well, you can start by listening to this week’s podcast ep.

Because when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing to do is get a little help from the cosmos. ✨

In this episode, I walk you through how I help clients plan out their next year in business, keeping their astrological energy in mind. 

You’ll find out:

🌟 How to know the major themes or focus of your year ahead

🌟 What planetary transits to look out for and how they might help or challenge your business activities

🌟 How to work the moon’s cycle into your strategic plans for the year

Now, even though I love to make these episodes as simple and actionable as possible, strategic planning is something that can benefit from a little expert help. 

And I happen to be an awesome strategic planner. 😉🙌

(See below more for details on how to work with me.)

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If you’re excited about having a better, more productive, and more powerful plan in 2023…

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These strategic planning days are insanely useful because you not only get some incredible astrological advice…

… you also get access to my “launch brain”, which has planned dozens of high-performing sales campaigns. 


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