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Astrology and thinking or processing speeds

Ep 62: Mercury Mastery – Understand and support your processing pace

Do you think fast or slow? This podcast episode is an ode to my slower-paced processing speed because ...
Astrology and business strategy

Ep 61: Venus – Your business’ secret pricing advisor

Today we’re talking about an issue I see many online business owners feeling challenged by… …especially at the ...
Decoding your business astrology chart

Ep 60: Cracking the code of your business astrology chart

This podcast is all about business astrology and so far – 60 episodes in... ...and we haven’t specifically ...
Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Ep 59: Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Want to know one of the biggest costs in your business? 💸 👉 It's customer acquisition – AKA ...
Samuel F. Reynolds and Sophia Pallas

Ep 58: From cosmic-skeptic to astrology business mentor with Samuel F. Reynolds

How do you go from being a complete skeptic of astrology to becoming a teacher of the very ...
Astrology for business planning and marketing

Ep 57: Quarterly business planning using astrology

It’s time to get your planning pants on… 👖 This podcast episode is a super practical and powerful ...

Ep 56: My top content tips to harness the gifts of Mercury Retrograde

Want to flip the narrative on Mercury Retrograde from a cosmic challenge into a strategic advantage for your ...
Astrology-powered AI with Sophia Pallas

Ep 55: Elevate your customer research with astrology-powered AI prompts

Ready to harness the efficiencies of AI with the insights of astrology for a mind-blowing business boost? Yes, ...
Astrology and business strategy

Ep 54: Skyrocket your business reputation with your Midheaven or MC (all 12 signs)

Want more clarity on where you’re headed in business and how you're destined to shine? Today, we're exploring ...
The Nodes of the Moon with Rhianna Jade

Ep 53: The Nodes and our business destiny from 2023-2025 with Rhianna Jade

How much do you know about the Nodes of the Moon? Unlike the planets, the North and South ...
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