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Capricorn traits in business

Ep 74: Zodiac Business Series – Capricorn Energy

Get ready to dive into the organised, ambition-packed world of Capricorn in this kick-off episode of the Zodiac ...
Plan with guidance from the cosmos

Ep 73: Uncover the theme of your year with Annual Profections

Did you know every year of your life corresponds to a specific set of topics in your birth ...
business astrology forecast

Ep 72: Your 2024 Cosmic Business Forecast

Earlier this month, I ran my Cosmic Business Forecast Event and it was so juicy I had to ...
Money, power and astrology with Sophia Pallas

Ep 71: Pluto in Aquarius – Business insights for all 12 Rising Signs

In case you haven’t heard...  … there’s one really significant planetary shift happening in 2024.  The planet of ...
Cosmic marketing plan with Sophia Pallas

Ep 70: Cosmic tips to nail your marketing plan in 2024

Welcome to 2024!  With Mercury out of retrograde and Mars in its superpowered position in Capricorn right now ...
Branding and astrology in business

Ep 67: Cosmic Wrap-Up – End of year reflections and a sneak peek into 2024

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year... It feels like only weeks ago that I ...
Pluto transits with Georgina Sierra

Ep 66: Working with Pluto to transform your life and business – with Georgina Sierra

This week we’re going on a journey to the underworld… We’re exploring the depths of the planet Pluto ...
Mars and business strategy

Ep 65: Mars and your best business strategy

Today we’re going back to the planet Mars for a deeper dive into our best business strategies.  In ...
Numerology and astrology

Ep 64: Merging numbers and stars for success – with Novalee Wilder

Have you ever wondered why certain numbers or names feel really good to you and others feel off? ...
Chiron and business growth

Ep 63: Embracing Chiron for business growth with Kristy Gray

Today on the podcast, I’ve brought back one of my favourite guests – astrologer Kristy Gray – to help us ...
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