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Is astrology really too woo-woo for business? Think again! Sophia debunks this myth and reveals why astrology is the smartest tool you can use to create a soul-aligned business.

Ep 45: 3 reasons astrology is the smartest tool you can use in your business

Is astrology really too woo-woo for business? Think again! I'm debunking this myth and revealing why astrology is ...
Astrology in parenthood with Sophia and Carlos

Ep 44: Embracing astrology in parenthood – Our journey with Baby Fernando

I tell you what, the newborn bubble is a wild ride.⁠..⁠Our little Taurus babe, Fernando James, arrived 6 ...
Finding your business joy with astrology featuring Dr Stormie Grace

Ep 43: Finding your business joy with Dr Stormie Grace

Annnnddd… We’re back to regular programming! (Well, sort of…) I’m still in baby land (more to come on ...
business astrology forecast

Ep 39: Preparing for baby land… A personal update

OK, this is a bit of a different episode… If you’ve been listening to or following me for ...
Astrology and brand messaging with Sophia Pallas

Ep 38: Power up your brand message with help from your astrology chart

Strong, powerful messaging. It’s the thing we know we need to have in order for our business to stand ...
Dressing for your star sign with Ariel Britney

Ep 37: Dressing for your cosmic style with Ariel Catalasan

If you’re in online business, there’s a good chance you’ve had a professional photoshoot for your website or ...
Business astrology oracle deck

Ep 36: Using oracle cards to amplify business astrology with Kathryn Hocking

I don’t know about you, but I love a good oracle card or tarot spread to give me ...
Epic online launches and astrology with Sophia Pallas and Jessica Tutton

Ep 35: What it takes to run epic online launches while following your heart – with Jessica Tutton

Something today's podcast guest is super familiar with is online launches and running paid ads in order to ...
Imposter syndrome in business with Cass Dunn and Sophia Pallas

Ep 34: Kicking imposter syndrome out of your business with psychologist Cass Dunn

We all experience some level of self-doubt in our day-to-day lives… But there’s a BIG difference between this ...
Astrology business rituals

Ep 33: Rituals to power up your business planet

If you want to truly amplify your business success and alignment – it’s time to get in touch with ...
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