Ep 64: Merging numbers and stars for success – with Novalee Wilder

Have you ever wondered why certain numbers or names feel really good to you and others feel off?

According to today’s podcast guest, there’s an energy or vibration embedded in numbers and letters that will attract things into your life.

She also says you can work with the energy to attract more business success and ease. 🙌✨

Novalee Wilder is a Danish actor and artist, turned professional numerologist and published author, who lives in Los Angeles. ​

In this week’s episode of the Cosmic Business Breakthrough, Novalee and I explore the synergy between numerology and astrology – especially in the Chaldean Numerology system that she practices.

She walks us through understanding the base numbers of our birth day and year, and how our astrological Sun sign is tied into this as well.

But one of the most exciting things about Novalee’s work is how she helps people change their names to change their lives and businesses – something that she experienced the magic of herself.

🎧 Listen now to find out more about the links between astrology and numerology:

In this episode, Novalee explains how to work with the vibration of numbers and names for more opportunities and success.

If you listen to the end, you’ll hear her give some incredible insight into the numbers to choose when pricing your products or services if you want more sales and less confusion.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Let’s continue the conversation on Instagram – tag me @sophiapallas and Novalee @novaleewilder with any questions or ‘aha’ moments from this episode.


Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned Professional Numerologist and published author living in Los Angeles. ​

From twelve-step programs to internationally acclaimed professional training and Balinese mask workshops, she has explored personal growth techniques and the keys to understanding and illuminating the human condition through all her work.

Yet, the years of training pale in comparison to the life-altering experience of changing her name with the help of Numerology. Blown away by the potency and accuracy of this ancient esoteric tool, she studied for years and is now an expert within her field.

Novalee Wilder is the author of A Little Bit of Numerology, and A Little Bit of Angel Numbers, the host of The Numerology Podcast, and founder of The Numerology School.

She offers 1:1 name change sessions, mentorship, training, and talks about the sacred spiritual science of numbers and letters.

You can find her at: novaleewilder.com, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

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