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Astrology and thinking or processing speeds

Ep 32: My favourite astrology tools and apps to understand yourself better

It’s time for a quick ep about the free and low-cost astrology tools you can start using right ...
Navigating tricky business astrology transits with guest Bec Cuzzillo

Ep 31: Having your best year in business while navigating tricky transits

Let’s talk about what it’s like to have your best year in business while also navigating some pretty ...
Relationships and business astrology

Ep 30: Love notes, planets, and business support – a special interview with Carlos

You’re in for a treat today… 😉 I’m bringing the delicious tones of a native Spanish speaker who’s ...
Do your best launch using astrology with Sophia Pallas

Ep 29: Discover your best launch style using astrology

I’ve been working with people on their online launches – mostly in the course and coaching space – ...
Branding and astrology in business

Ep 28: Behind the scenes – How I work with clients to uncover their secret brand ‘sauce’

OK, so this episode is a little different.  I want to take you behind the scenes to show ...
Money, power and astrology with Sophia Pallas

Ep 27: 5 ways entrepreneurs can use astrology to make more money

Money, money, money… 💸💸💸 In business, we ALL love making money.  But how much do you really desire ...
Planets and astrology in 2023 with Sophia Pallas and Kristy Gray

Ep 26: Planet moves that’ll supercharge your business in 2023

Are you feeling the change in the air yet? We’re almost at the end of January but the ...
Build self trust using astrology

Ep 25: Build more self-trust into your business using astrology

What's one of the most challenging things to do in online business? It might not be what you ...
business astrology forecast

Ep 24: Your Cosmic Business Forecast for 2023

If you're feeling like 2023 has a different energy... you're not wrong! There are BIG, important planet shifts ...
Reflecting on 2022 and letting go

Ep 23: Letting go of 2022 – Reflections on the year + a clearing meditation

OK, so 2022 didn’t exactly pan out how we expected… Or did it?  There was still a lot ...
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