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Uranus transits and business astrology

Ep 16: How a Uranus transit completely changed my business

I feel like I’m ready to go a bit further into something deeply personal that’s transpired for me ...
Eclipse season is on its way

Ep 15: How to be prepared for Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is on its way, my friends, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it! So, ...
Saturn and business astrology

Ep 14: Saturn and your BIG lessons in business

It’s time to talk about one of those more ‘tricky’ or potentially challenging planets for your business… 🪐 ...
Astrology-powered online launches with Amanda Daley

Ep 13: Astrology-powered launches with Amanda Daley

I love to talk about astrology for online business and how it can help you create more powerful ...

Ep 12: Working with Jupiter for growth and expansion in your business

Who doesn’t want more growth, expansion and abundance in their business?  If you’ve worked with me before or ...
It’s time to talk Mercury Retrograde! Because if you're anything like some of the entrepreneurs I work with, when you don’t understand how it works. Mercury Retrograde gets blamed for most things going wrong in your business. Yet, that's not actually what's happening…find out why. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough Podcast.

Ep 11: Mercury retrograde myths busted – here’s what you need to know

All right. It's time to talk about the elephant in the room…  It's that time of year again ...
In this episode we explore the 12 Houses of your birth chart and what they mean for you and your business. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough Podcast now.

Ep 10: The 12 Houses – What they mean for you and your business

Want to get a handle on the way you most enjoy working? 👉 What types of client relationships ...
In this episode, I have an amazing guest to help walk us through how Mars can show up for you and in your business. Listen now on the Cosmic Business Breakthrough with Sophia Pallas.

Ep 9: Exploring Mars – Action and energy in your business

Today we’re taking a journey to Mars… Because Mars is one of the most important planets to consider ...
Noticing and working with the moon phases for super-powered online launches can help you manage your time and energy, and help you to accept when you can be really productive and visible, and when you need more rest and introspection. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough now.

Ep 8: Working with the Moon for super-powered online launches

How connected do you feel to the Moon?⁠⁠The truth is, the Moon is one of the most important ...
In this episode, we explore Jazze’s business progression before and after her awareness of astrology and human design. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough now.

Ep 7: Building a 7-figure business following your cosmic style with Jazze Jervis

Building a 7-figure online business is no easy feat. And it’s even more challenging when you’re going through ...
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