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Cosmic business communication

Ep 4: Power up your business communication with the planet Mercury

It's time to find out your cosmic business communication superpowers (and potential pitfalls). In this podcast episode, I ...
business astrology forecast episode

Ep 3: Your breakthrough astro forecast for the rest of 2022 with Kristy Gray

Have you been wondering what’s in store for the rest of 2022?  Want to know how the collective ...
Astrology and your business

Ep 2: Your Rising Sign style and how it shows up in your business

It’s time to explore the ‘doorway’ to your astrological birth chart – your Rising Sign. Your Rising Sign is ...
Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough with Sophia Pallas – an online marketing expert turned business astrologer.

Ep 1: Why astrology is the key to your business breakthrough

I’ve been a copywriter and a launch strategist for some epic online entrepreneurs, and you know what I’ve ...
Cosmic Business Breakthrough podcast

Welcome to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough Podcast

Welcome! I'm Sophia, the host of this podcast – an online marketing expert turned business astrologer here to ...
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Cosmic Communication Guide to Discover your communication style and key tips for how to use it better in business.

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It's time to tap into the real 'you' and avoid any communication traps that might be getting in the way of your success.