7 signs you need to up your email marketing game

Sophia Pallas email marketing tips

I used to HATE writing emails. No joke.  I thought, “What copywriter in their right mind would make email marketing their specialty?”. “I mean, do people EVEN READ emails anymore?”. And don’t get me started on what I used to think about sales copy… 😲 😳 But things have changed significantly, and I’ve seen the…

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How to be a launch unicorn in online business

Sophia Arthur successful online business launches

If you’ve been here for a while, you might’ve heard me talk about online business launches. If you’re over it, fair enough. Probably best to stop reading now. >> Hang on! Before you click away, I want to check in with you about how you’d describe an online launch, so I know we’re on the…

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6 sales page mistakes you’ll want to avoid

Sales page copywriter Sophia Arthur

I really didn’t want to tell her when I saw it… It was like watching someone trip over in slow motion. You know that awful feeling when you can see someone is about to go ‘A over T’…? Do you hold out a hand to try to stop them, or do you just let them…

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Simple sales research for high-converting copy

My simple sales research process

When I start working with a client on a full sales funnel – from opt-in to sales page and all those emails in between – I never launch straight into the writing. Before any words make it onto that Google doc, I’m head down, bum up in research mode. This is an overview of my…

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How to write a sales page without sleaze

Sophia's process for writing a sales page

So you’ve got an awesome online product or program. You’ve spent hours perfecting the slides, worksheets and templates so people will have a truly life-changing experience. But when it comes time to write your sales page, you’re stumped. It feels too hard to condense the awesomeness into one page. You don’t want to sound pushy,…

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