Ep 12: Working with Jupiter for growth and expansion in your business

Who doesn’t want more growth, expansion and abundance in their business?  If you’ve worked with me before or listened to other episodes, you probably know that Jupiter transits are usually more fun than the rest.  🪐 Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance.  🪐 It’s the planet of higher learning, wisdom, and philosophy, as…

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Ep 10: The 12 Houses – What they mean for you and your business

In this episode we explore the 12 Houses of your birth chart and what they mean for you and your business. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough Podcast now.

Want to get a handle on the way you most enjoy working? 👉 What types of client relationships you attract? 👉 Or how you make and spend your money? It’s time to understand the 12 ‘Houses’ of your astrology chart and what they mean for you and your business. Just like we divide the sky…

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Ep 9: Exploring Mars – Action and energy in your business

In this episode, I have an amazing guest to help walk us through how Mars can show up for you and in your business. Listen now on the Cosmic Business Breakthrough with Sophia Pallas.

Today we’re taking a journey to Mars… Because Mars is one of the most important planets to consider in your entrepreneurial journey. >> This is where you get your motivation, your drive, and your action-taking abilities.  But it’s also where you might come across your frustrations, anger and reactivity.  Getting to know Mars in your…

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