Ep 96: Overcome business blocks with astrology

Overcome business challenges

Procrastination, perfectionism, and feeling scattered can be huge blocks to having a successful business. But what if you could bust through these business challenges with the help of your astrology chart? In this episode, I dive deep into the astrological influences that might hold you back in your business and share practical strategies to overcome…

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Ep 95: Plan your perfect week with the planets

Plan your week with the planets

Do you ever feel like you’re battling Monday blues or powering through Thursdays like a boss? If you’re wondering why some days you’re in ‘the zone’ and others you feel like you’re always scrambling…  There is (of course) an astrological reason. 😉 💫 In this week’s episode of the podcast, you’ll find out how to plan…

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Ep 94: Cancer personality traits that make you a business genius

Cancer personality traits in business

Let’s talk about the business owners who can create warm, inviting, and supportive business environments – with just their presence.  These are those magical Cancer personality traits at work. Today, in the Zodiac Business Series, we’re diving into the nurturing, intuitive traits of Cancer energy. 🎧 Listen now to find out: ♋ The astrological symbolism…

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Ep 93: Self-care for entrepreneurs via your Moon sign

Self-care for entrepreneurs via your Moon sign

Today, we’re diving into a topic that can make a HUGE difference to your experience in online business – how to practice self-care based on your Moon sign.  Understanding your Moon sign’s unique needs means you can support your emotional well-being and therefore enhance your business success. In this episode, I walk you through some…

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Ep 92: Fall back in love with your business using astrology

Reconnect with your business purpose and fall in love with your business again

Have you fallen out of love with your business? Maybe you’ve been feeling uninspired and “meh” about the whole thing lately… I’ve recorded this episode to help you find the spark again and reconnect with your business purpose via astrology.  🎧 Listen now to find out: 👉 Where to look in your astrology chart for…

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Ep 89: Gemini traits in business [Zodiac Business Series]

Gemini entrepreneurs

Ever wondered how some entrepreneurs can juggle multiple projects and interests simultaneously? Odds are they’re a Gemini (or have a lot of Gemini energy in their astrology chart). We’re exploring that and much more in this installment of the Zodiac Business Series – where we look at the challenges and opportunities of each sign. ✨…

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Ep 88: Boost your CEO energy via your Sun sign placement

Sun sign placement and your CEO energy

Ready to tap into the power behind your business’s success? In today’s podcast episode, we’re getting up close and personal with the Sun sign in your astrology chart. But this time we’re not just talking about the zodiac sign – we’re going all in on the House placement. This is about pinpointing where your leadership…

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Ep 87: Is Astro-powered AI bad for business?

Astrology and your business

Is using astrology-powered AI to develop copy or messaging BAD for business? That’s what we’re going to explore in today’s episode of the podcast. The truth? One of my recent Facebook ads went awry… So I’m giving you my hot take on the benefits and pitfalls of using astrology and AI to write your copy.…

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