Ep 43. Finding your business joy with Dr Stormie Grace

Finding your business joy with astrology featuring Dr Stormie Grace

Annnnddd… We’re back to regular programming! (Well, sort of…) I’m still in baby land (more to come on that soon) and I’ve been saving up this juicy podcast episode for a little while now. So, let’s talk about business joy and astrology with a very special guest… In this podcast ep, I’m excited to introduce…

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Ep 39: Preparing for baby land… A personal update

business astrology

OK, this is a bit of a different episode… If you’ve been listening to or following me for a while you might know that 2023 has already been quite a BIG year for me, and it’s about to get bigger.  In just under a week from when this episode airs, I’m having a baby.  It’s…

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Ep 37: Dressing for your cosmic style with Ariel Catalasan

Dressing for your star sign with Ariel Britney

If you’re in online business, there’s a good chance you’ve had a professional photoshoot for your website or social media presence.  And, one of the trickiest parts of that process is actually choosing what to wear… 😨😨😨 … or knowing how to present yourself in a way that truly reflects your ‘personal style’.  That’s why…

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Ep 33: Rituals to power up your business planet

Astrology business rituals

If you want to truly amplify your business success and alignment – it’s time to get in touch with your career, business, and public reputation planet… Once you understand how this works, you can give yourself an extra boost when it comes to your marketing, messaging and overall “I’ve got this” vibe in business.  But before…

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Ep 31: Having your best year in business while navigating tricky transits

Navigating tricky business astrology transits with guest Bec Cuzzillo

Let’s talk about what it’s like to have your best year in business while also navigating some pretty tricky astrology transits… Today’s podcast guest is Bec Cuzzillo – a Spiritual Business Coach for spiritual women who want to build abundant, heart-led, sustainable businesses that truly set their souls on fire.  In this juicy conversation, we dive…

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