Ep 27: 5 ways entrepreneurs can use astrology to make more money

Money, power and astrology with Sophia Pallas

Money, money, money… 💸💸💸 In business, we ALL love making money.  But how much do you really desire it?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?  Do you feel like it’s always running away from you?  Do you welcome money into your life?  These are all questions I’m asking myself and my clients on…

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Ep 26: Planet moves that’ll supercharge your business in 2023

Planets and astrology in 2023 with Sophia Pallas and Kristy Gray

Are you feeling the change in the air yet? We’re almost at the end of January but the truth is, the year is only just kicking off now – with both Mars and Mercury finally moving forward again.  In fact, ALL the planets are moving forward now – an exciting shift in the astrology of 2023…

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Ep 25: Build more self-trust into your business using astrology

Build self trust using astrology

What’s one of the most challenging things to do in online business? It might not be what you think… Because of my background as a launch copywriter and marketer, I’ve worked with dozens of highly successful online entrepreneurs… >> And EVERYONE gets wobbly.  Trust me.  No matter how much money you’re making, when you’re in…

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Ep 24: Your Cosmic Business Forecast for 2023

business astrology forecast

If you’re feeling like 2023 has a different energy… you’re not wrong! There are BIG, important planet shifts happening this year and those movements in the sky are going to affect the way we do business and our energy levels. Want the good news? When you’re aware of this, you’ll be able to take advantage…

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