Ep 33: Rituals to power up your business planet

Astrology business rituals

If you want to truly amplify your business success and alignment – it’s time to get in touch with your career, business, and public reputation planet… Once you understand how this works, you can give yourself an extra boost when it comes to your marketing, messaging and overall “I’ve got this” vibe in business.  But before…

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Ep 31: Having your best year in business while navigating tricky transits

Navigating tricky business astrology transits with guest Bec Cuzzillo

Let’s talk about what it’s like to have your best year in business while also navigating some pretty tricky astrology transits… Today’s podcast guest is Bec Cuzzillo – a Spiritual Business Coach for spiritual women who want to build abundant, heart-led, sustainable businesses that truly set their souls on fire.  In this juicy conversation, we dive…

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Ep 29: Discover your best launch style using astrology

Do your best launch using astrology with Sophia Pallas

I’ve been working with people on their online launches – mostly in the course and coaching space – for 5+ years now and I’ve watched all sorts of strategies and tactics come and go. One thing that doesn’t change: You need to know what you’re selling and you have to completely believe in the transformation…

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Ep 27: 5 ways entrepreneurs can use astrology to make more money

Money astrology has a number of elements. Listen to this podcast episode find out more.

Money, money, money… 💸💸💸 In business, we ALL love making money.  But how much do you really desire it?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?  Do you feel like it’s always running away from you?  Do you welcome money into your life?  These are all questions I’m asking myself and my clients on…

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Ep 26: Planet moves that’ll supercharge your business in 2023

Planets and astrology in 2023 with Sophia Pallas and Kristy Gray

Are you feeling the change in the air yet? We’re almost at the end of January but the truth is, the year is only just kicking off now – with both Mars and Mercury finally moving forward again.  In fact, ALL the planets are moving forward now – an exciting shift in the astrology of 2023…

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Ep 25: Build more self-trust into your business using astrology

Build self trust using astrology

What’s one of the most challenging things to do in online business? It might not be what you think… Because of my background as a launch copywriter and marketer, I’ve worked with dozens of highly successful online entrepreneurs… >> And EVERYONE gets wobbly.  Trust me.  No matter how much money you’re making, when you’re in…

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