Ep 29: Discover your best launch style using astrology

Do your best launch using astrology with Sophia Pallas

I’ve been working with people on their online launches – mostly in the course and coaching space – for 5+ years now and I’ve watched all sorts of strategies and tactics come and go. One thing that doesn’t change: You need to know what you’re selling and you have to completely believe in the transformation…

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Ep 26: Planet moves that’ll supercharge your business in 2023

Planets and astrology in 2023 with Sophia Pallas and Kristy Gray

Are you feeling the change in the air yet? We’re almost at the end of January but the truth is, the year is only just kicking off now – with both Mars and Mercury finally moving forward again.  In fact, ALL the planets are moving forward now – an exciting shift in the astrology of 2023…

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Ep 24: Your Cosmic Business Forecast for 2023

business astrology forecast 2023

If you’re feeling like 2023 has a different energy… you’re not wrong! There are BIG, important planet shifts happening this year and those movements in the sky are going to affect the way we do business and our energy levels. Want the good news? When you’re aware of this, you’ll be able to take advantage…

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Ep 19: Strategise your next bold business move with guidance from the stars

Feeling overwhelmed with your business strategy for 2023? In this episode, I walk you through how I help clients plan out their next year in business, with guidance from the cosmos.

It’s that time of year again… Sagittarius season is about to start and that means Christmas parties, end-of-year school concerts, last-minute hair/laser/nail appointments, and shopping centre carpark chaos. 😱😱😱 As Sagittarius is one of the signs ruled by Jupiter – the planet of expansion, joy and excess – it’s not surprising that we can feel a little…

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Ep 17: Venus and your values in business with Rhianna Jade

For this episode of Cosmic Business Breakthrough™, I’m joined by the incredible intuitive astrologer, holistic psychologist and spiritual guide – Rhianna Jade as we discuss all about Venus and values in your business. 

It’s time to get comfy, sexy, and magnetic… (Because that’s what ‘she’ would want you to do 😉) Today we’re taking a look at one of my favourite planets – Venus. 💚 Venus is not only the goddess of love and beauty, but she’s also deeply connected to your values, your attraction energy, and your personal…

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Ep 13: Astrology-powered online launches with Amanda Jane Daley

I love to talk about astrology for online business and how it can help you create more powerful launches, more aligned marketing, better messaging – all the good stuff.  But until now, I haven’t had a client on the show to talk about their personal experience working with me and their own astrology chart to…

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Ep 12: Working with Jupiter for growth and expansion in your business

Who doesn’t want more growth, expansion and abundance in their business?  If you’ve worked with me before or listened to other episodes, you probably know that Jupiter transits are usually more fun than the rest.  🪐 Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance.  🪐 It’s the planet of higher learning, wisdom, and philosophy, as…

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Ep 10: The 12 Houses – What they mean for you and your business

In this episode we explore the 12 Houses of your birth chart and what they mean for you and your business. Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough Podcast now.

Want to get a handle on the way you most enjoy working? 👉 What types of client relationships you like to attract? 👉 Or how you make and spend your money? It’s time to understand the 12 ‘Houses’ of your astrology chart and what they mean for you and your business. Just like we divide…

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