Ep 65: Mars and your best business strategy

Mars and business strategy

Today we’re going back to the planet Mars for a deeper dive into our best business strategies.  In astrology, Mars represents our action-taking abilities.  It’s our motivation, our drive, and our energy. 🔥 That means, the Zodiac sign of Mars in your chart is going to reflect the ways you do business. And, if you…

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Ep 64: Merging numbers and stars for success – with Novalee Wilder

Numerology and astrology

Have you ever wondered why certain numbers or names feel really good to you and others feel off? According to today’s podcast guest, there’s an energy or vibration embedded in numbers and letters that will attract things into your life. She also says you can work with the energy to attract more business success and…

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Ep 61: Venus – Your business’ secret pricing advisor

Astrology and business strategy

Today we’re talking about an issue I see many online business owners feeling challenged by… …especially at the moment. We’re talking about astrology and your pricing strategy 💸 More specifically, how the placement of Venus in each of the 12 zodiac signs can guide or influence the way you set your prices.  But before we…

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Ep 60: Cracking the code of your business astrology chart

Decoding your business astrology chart

This podcast is all about business astrology and so far – 60 episodes in… …and we haven’t specifically talked about analysing a business astrology chart. 😱 So why is that?  I believe before you dive into the astrological energy of your business, you first need to understand what you – as the CEO or leader…

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Ep 59: Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Want to know one of the biggest costs in your business? 💸 👉 It’s customer acquisition – AKA finding and signing up new customers. But how do you look after those customers once they’ve bought from you?  How do you keep them happy and coming back for more so you get the best return on…

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Ep 57: Quarterly planning with cosmic precision

Astrology for business planning and marketing

It’s time to get your planning pants on… 👖 This podcast episode is a super practical and powerful dive into using astrology for business planning. And more specifically – planning out your next 90 days. 🙌 Because we’re heading into the final quarter of 2023 – can you believe it?!  So, what have you had on…

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Ep 56: My top content tips to harness the gifts of Mercury Retrograde

Want to flip the narrative on Mercury Retrograde from a cosmic challenge into a strategic advantage for your business? In today’s podcast episode, we’ll uncover how to work with the energy of Mercury Retrograde to uplevel your content and marketing approach. Mercury is the key planet for business, technology, and communication processes. That’s why, when…

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