Ep 63: Embracing Chiron for business growth with Kristy Gray

Chiron and business growth

Today on the podcast, I’ve brought back one of my favourite guests – astrologer Kristy Gray – to help us navigate one of the most tender astrological placements.  The asteroid, Chiron.  Chiron, in Greek mythology, is known as the wounded healer.  He was a centaur who possessed the ability to heal others but struggled to heal himself. …

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Ep 62: Mercury Mastery – Understand and support your processing pace

Astrology and thinking or processing speeds

Do you think fast or slow? This podcast episode is an ode to my slower-paced processing speed because it feels like we place a lot of emphasis on moving fast… What if thinking or processing more slowly was actually a gift? 🎁 I believe my slower-moving Earth sign Mercury (the planet of thinking and communication)…

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Ep 61: Venus – Your business’ secret pricing advisor

Astrology and business strategy

Today we’re talking about an issue I see many online business owners feeling challenged by… …especially at the moment. We’re talking about astrology and your pricing strategy 💸 More specifically, how the placement of Venus in each of the 12 zodiac signs can guide or influence the way you set your prices.  But before we…

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Ep 60: Cracking the code of your business astrology chart

Decoding your business astrology chart

This podcast is all about business astrology and so far – 60 episodes in… …and we haven’t specifically talked about analysing a business astrology chart. 😱 So why is that?  I believe before you dive into the astrological energy of your business, you first need to understand what you – as the CEO or leader…

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