Ep 17: Venus and your values in business with Rhianna Jade

The Nodes of the Moon with Rhianna Jade

It’s time to get comfy, sexy, and magnetic… (Because that’s what ‘she’ would want you to do 😉) Today we’re taking a look at one of my favourite planets – Venus. 💚 Venus is not only the goddess of love and beauty, but she’s also deeply connected to your values, your attraction energy, and your personal…

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Ep 16: How a Uranus transit completely changed my business

Uranus transits and business astrology

I feel like I’m ready to go a bit further into something deeply personal that’s transpired for me over the past 3+ years… And of course, it’s all tied to one of life’s BIG astrological transits –  🪐 Uranus through the 1st house. 🪐 In this week’s episode of Cosmic Business Breakthrough™, I dive into…

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Ep 15: How to be prepared for Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is on its way

Eclipse season is on its way, my friends, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it! So, what are eclipses exactly?  They are special kinds of Full and New Moons, and they only happen when the Earth, Sun and Moon are all perfectly aligned. These are spectacular astrological events where the Moon or the…

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Ep 14: Saturn and your BIG lessons in business

Saturn and business astrology

It’s time to talk about one of those more ‘tricky’ or potentially challenging planets for your business… 🪐 SATURN 🪐 Saturn is our teacher planet. This is the planet we learn our rules and regulations from. It’s where we get our boundaries and our limits.  And it’s where we learn some BIG life lessons.  Saturn…

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Ep 13: Astrology-powered launches with Amanda Daley

Astrology-powered online launches with Amanda Daley

I love to talk about astrology for online business and how it can help you create more powerful launches, more aligned marketing, better messaging – all the good stuff.  But until now, I haven’t had a client on the show to talk about their personal experience working with me and their own astrology chart to…

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