Ep 39: Preparing for baby land… A personal update

business astrology forecast

OK, this is a bit of a different episode… If you’ve been listening to or following me for a while you might know that 2023 has already been quite a BIG year for me, and it’s about to get bigger.  In just under a week from when this episode airs, I’m having a baby.  It’s…

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Ep 37: Dressing for your cosmic style with Ariel Catalasan

Dressing for your star sign with Ariel Britney

If you’re in online business, there’s a good chance you’ve had a professional photoshoot for your website or social media presence.  And, one of the trickiest parts of that process is actually choosing what to wear… 😨😨😨 … or knowing how to present yourself in a way that truly reflects your ‘personal style’.  That’s why…

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