Ep 85: Taurus energy in business [Zodiac Business Series]

Taurus energy in business

Ever wondered why Taurus entrepreneurs can stay so calm under pressure? We’re exploring this and many other Taurus business traits in today’s installment of the Zodiac Business Series. This is the series where we look at the challenges and opportunities of each zodiac sign in business.  ✨ 🌻 And today, we’re talking about the steadfast,…

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Ep 83: Supercharge your online launch using business astrology

Cosmic marketing plan with Sophia Pallas

I’ve gotta be honest, this current Mercury retrograde and eclipse portal has hit me for six. 😳 I’ve had a bunch of tech issues and I came down with some sort of flu last week… So in true retrograde style: I’m bringing you something I’ve done before that’s been reviewed and revised to be helpful for…

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Ep 82: Beat email marketing burnout during Mercury Retrograde

Email marketing and mercury retrograde

Let’s flip the script on Mercury retrograde and use it to do something productive in your business – like upgrade your email marketing strategy. In this episode of the podcast, I share my top tips for working with Mercury retrograde to review and improve your emails to get better results in your business.  Because Mercury…

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