Ep 8: Working with the Moon for super-powered online launches

Working with the moon in your business

How connected do you feel to the Moon?⁠⁠The truth is, the Moon is one of the most important planetary objects in astrology because it’s the closest to Earth and therefore has the greatest impact on us.⁠⁠By following the phases of the Moon, just like many keen gardeners, surfers, and fishing experts do, you can notice…

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Ep 6: Create more flow in your week using astrological magic

Planning your week with astrology

⚡ Following today’s podcast tip will fundamentally CHANGE your working week… ⚡ Ever wondered why you feel a bit all over the place on a Monday, or why you can get so much more done on Thursdays?  Why do some days feel ‘in flow and on fire’, and other days you feel busy and a…

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Ep 5: Energy first, strategy second with Lauren White 

energy for entrepreneurs

Want to know how to attract better clients and make more money?  Lean into your energy FIRST, says Lauren White – the world’s foremost Confidante for female founders. Lauren works with accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs who want to embody the new femme waves of pleasure, power and Authority in their business, brand, and bedroom with precision…

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Ep 4: Power up your business communication with the planet Mercury

Cosmic business communication

It’s time to find out your cosmic business communication superpowers (and potential pitfalls). In this podcast episode, I break down how the planet Mercury can help you understand your unique communication style… … So you can improve your videos, podcasts, sales pages, and website by making them sound MORE like you. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts…

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Ep 2: Your Rising Sign style and how it shows up in your business

Astrology and your business

It’s time to explore the ‘doorway’ to your astrological birth chart – your Rising Sign. Your Rising Sign is the zodiac sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the time you were born.  It represents how others see you, how you approach life, and the lens through which you see the world.  This is…

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Ep 1: Why astrology is the key to your business breakthrough

Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough with Sophia Pallas – an online marketing expert turned business astrologer.

I’ve been a copywriter and a launch strategist for some epic online entrepreneurs, and you know what I’ve noticed? The most common issue that brings people unstuck in their marketing is not communicating WHAT or HOW they do something, it’s actually understanding their WHY. The reason you do your thing is what makes you absolutely…

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