Ep 21: Managing your Moon for more fulfillment and happiness in business

moon signs and business

Did you know your Moon sign is key to helping you become happier in business?  I mean where does happiness come from? It comes from being fully seen, witnessed, and understood in this lifetime, right? It comes from having the environment, work, friends, relationships, and activities that feel fulfilling to you.  And not everyone’s version…

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Ep 20: Embracing the fire in your chart with brand strategist Nikki Clark

Branding and astrology Nikki Clark

There’s nothing more expensive for business owners than an identity crisis… That’s something this week’s podcast guest knows very well. Both for her clients and in her own business.  Nikki Clark is a friend, colleague, and client of mine, who is also a master messaging expert and reinvention fanatic. Her boutique messaging service ensures extraordinary…

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Ep 19: Strategise your next bold business move with guidance from the stars

Plan with guidance from the cosmos

It’s that time of year again… Sagittarius season is about to start and that means Christmas parties, end-of-year school concerts, last-minute hair/laser/nail appointments, and shopping centre carpark chaos. 😱😱😱 As Sagittarius is one of the signs ruled by Jupiter – the planet of expansion, joy and excess – it’s not surprising that we can feel a little…

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