Ep 86: Jupiter in Gemini – Business opportunities for all 12 signs

Money, power and astrology with Sophia Pallas

There’s a big cosmic shift happening later this month and I want you to be extra prepared…. Jupiter – the planet of luck, expansion, wisdom, and abundance – is moving from the stable grounds of Taurus into the dynamic air sign of Gemini. And in this week’s podcast episode, I’m unpacking what this major planet…

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Ep 81: Zodiac Business Series – Aries Energy

Aries traits in business

Aries, you’re up! 🚀 ♈ It’s time for the next installment of the Zodiac Business Series where we look at the challenges and opportunities of each sign in business.  ✨ 🔥 Today, we’re igniting the fire with Aries – the zodiac’s trailblazer. 🔥 So far in the Zodiac Business Series, we’ve tackled the ambitious drive of…

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Ep 78: Zodiac Business Series – Pisces Energy

Pisces traits in business

It’s time for the next installment of the Zodiac Business Series. ✨🪐 Today we’re diving into the intuitive and imaginative world of Pisces… ♓🐟 This is the third episode of the Zodiac Business Series – where we’re exploring the symbolism of the zodiac to get practical insights for your business.  In episode 1, we decoded…

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Ep 76: Creating a powerful personal brand photoshoot with Lauren White

Powerful personal branding photoshoots with Lauren White

We’re venturing into the realms of sex, power, pleasure, authenticity, and the transformative potential of photoshoots in personal branding. Because as we step further into the age of AI and astrology that suggests we’ll be up against many cases of truth vs illusion in 2024… …we need to set ourselves apart and show that we’re…

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Ep 75: Zodiac Business Series – Aquarius energy

Aquarius traits in business

We’ve got a lineup of planets in Aquarius this week. ♒ In fact, by the weekend, we’ll have, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Pluto all in the sign of the Water Bearer. 🏺 And we just experienced the New Moon in Aquarius, which marked the Lunar New Year. That makes Aquarius energy super potent…

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Ep 74: Zodiac Business Series – Capricorn Energy

Capricorn traits in business

Get ready to dive into the organised, ambition-packed world of Capricorn in this kick-off episode of the Zodiac Business Series. The Zodiac Business Series isn’t about skimming the surface – we’re going into the nitty-gritty of each Zodiac sign’s business energy.  In these episodes, I’ll be breaking down what makes the signs tick in business…

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